Endeavor Business Media and Mahindra Racing

February 22nd, 2021

Ahead of Season 7 of the FIA Formula E Series.

Leading B2B media company, Endeavor Business Media (EBM), joins Mahindra Racing as the team’s Official Supplier of Business Media Assets via its Electronic Design and Machine Design digital and print brands.  Connexions Global Marketing introduced the two parties and provided advisory consulting services to both that assisted in the culmination and on-going activation of this partnership.

Offering extensive global engagement with monthly outreach exceeding 1.5 million touchpoints, the Electronic Design and Machine Design brands inspire innovation by providing news, data, and insights on emerging technologies to the design engineers of today and tomorrow, with a special focus on the automotive sector in 2021.

Endeavor Business Media’s detailed, hands-on, practical content attracts and engages a global audience of design engineers and managers with varying experiences, responsible for electronic and mechanical design and manufacturing decisions similar to the sophisticated electronics and machine operations that play a key part in the performance of Mahindra Racing’s electrified race cars.

Formula E and Mahindra Racing are on the forefront of automotive electrification technology, providing a platform for electronics companies to showcase their EV technology in a high performance and harsh environment that, often, results in a ‘Race to Road’ transfer to commercial vehicles.

Endeavor Business Media’s editors will be gaining close access to the team’s technical and engineering personnel, allowing the company to develop engaging content that’s on the forefront of today’s innovative technology.

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Daniel Colombo is Principal at Connexions Global Marketing, and works with companies in creating and activating integrated marketing partnerships in motor sport that help achieve their strategic business goals. If you are interested in learning more about partnership opportunities in the Formula E and IndyCar areas, please contact Daniel at: daniel@connexions-global.com

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