Omologato Announce the AMSP Timepiece

UK watch brand and Connexions Global Marketing client, Omologato, announced today the launch of a new timepiece in support of its partnership with the Arrow McLaren SP IndyCar series team.  Connexions Global Marketing introduced Omologato to the IndyCar series, and brokered the original deal between the brand and Schmidt Peterson Motorsports in advance of the 2018 season, a relationship that continues with the team in its new name for the 2020 season.

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The Hulman & Company IndyCar Era Ends. A Personal Reflection.

I felt for Tony George today while watching him become emotional at the press conference announcing Penske Corporation’s purchase of the remaining assets of Hulman & Company, the Hulman George family’s business that includes the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the NTT IndyCar series. It was the final corporate asset divested after earlier this year selling off the company’s iconic Clabber Girl Baking Company, the product line that not only gave the Hulman family the funds to purchase the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1945, but which also played a big part of my professional career leading me to where I am today.

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New York Formula E / Toronto IndyCar Events

A weekend of diverse motorsports events with similar, but contrasting commercial value propositions.

I had the pleasure of attending and working last weekend at two major motorsports events: Formula E in New York City, and IndyCar in Toronto. New York is the sole North American Formula E event, and Toronto is the sole Canadian IndyCar event. Both served up a healthy dose of commercial options at venues in the middle of two of the largest cities in North America. And each was held on public roadways in city centers, attended by thousands of fans. Where they differ is in the value proposition provided to their commercial partners.

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