About Connexions Global

Who We Are

Connexions Global Marketing is a sports and entertainment marketing agency primarily geared towards the Motorsports arena that is designed to connect partners into mutually beneficial, profitable programs.

We listen to your needs and business challenges/goals, then recommend a solution that not only addresses those needs and goals, but also meets your budget. We help you format a strategy, negotiate with rights holders, and activate your programs that help build your brand and expand your business.


We have varied experience in developing, activating, and monetizing motorsports marketing programs.

We have the insights to be your ambassador in the area of motorsports partnerships. We can work within your company from a top down perspective to gain the best possible ROI, buy in, involvement, and results from your entire group. We liaise with race team properties in coordinating and executing all aspects of a program.


With experience in developing revenue generation with these programs, we have worked with well known national and international brands in executing some or all of their motorsports marketing programs spanning from high technology to consumer goods, ranging from small to large, and encompassing straight forward to complex.

We also have experience identifying and leveraging technology applications that address the present technological opportunities occurring in the automotive arena (electric, connected, and autonomous), with motorsports applications often being the platform for the testing of this technology that ultimately transfers into commercial road cars.

These programs can open new business opportunities, develop technology, shorten complex B2B sales cycles, break through market barriers to entry, leverage pass through marketing rights, expand brand awareness, and increase sales.